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Benchmark Thursdays WOD

Double DT!!! ( Go lighter than if you were to do Just single DT) This WILL be too long if you do not. (30 min time cap)


10 Rounds

12 Deadlift 115/75OR RX+ 155/105

9 Hang Clean115/75 or RX+ 155/105

6 Push jerk 115/75 or RX+ 155/105

(GO LIGHTER THAN YOU THINK. I WANT TO SEE INTENSITY TODAY SO IF THE WEIGHT IS MAKING YOU STAND AROUND. ITS TOO HEAVY!! Always be Moving!) The normal RX for DT is 155/105 but since this is 10 ROUNDS I have made the RX 115/75 (STILL HEAVY). Please be careful picking weight. I want you to stick with the same weight the whole time.

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