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Kipping PU and DU 10 min EMOM

Odd – kipping practice

Even – DU practice

Notes: If you cannot kip pull-ups, practice your standard kipping, adding in pulls. If you can kip pull-ups, practice butterfly kipping, or practice stringing your kipping pull-ups together until you can kip 10 consistently

If you cannot DU, practice using S-D-S. If you have your DU, practice stringing them together until you can do 30-45 unbroken or 45 seconds of attempts.


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

12 Squat Clean Thrusters 95#/65# (75/55 Recommended scale)

15 Pull-ups Or RX+ Chest to Bar

*25 min. TIME CAP


We have moved to 15769 George Ln Poulsbo! We have a new gym location that is bigger and better! We have added 2 new indoor pickleball courts along with our regular workout space! Please call Julie at 206-619-2940 with any questions.

We now have 2 indoor pickleball courts open!