5/5/17 HIIT

Agate Pass CrossFit – HIIT



Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

20 Min EMOM

Odds: Max jump Ropes

Evens: 10 DB Thrusters
Score: Jump Rope Reps

Scale DB Thrusters accordingly so you get every rep AND you have less that 25 seconds of rest left.


Metcon (No Measure)

5 Min Abs

Min 1: Plank

Min 2: Flutter Kicks

Min 3: V Ups

Min 4: Right side Plank

Min 5: Left side Plank


Agate Pass Fitness is now open and following strict covid protocol. We will keep you safe with small classes, temperatures taken before entering the gym, washing hands, masks required while moving thru the gym, large doors open for ventilation, assigned workout stations, stringent disinfection regime and all classes led by coaches to insure your safety and social distancing. All classes are reserved to insure we meet state requirements! Give us a call to reserve a class so you can come and get fit and healthy!

Agate Pass Fitness is closed at this time due to our state mandate.  Online classes and personal training available at this time.