Agate Pass CrossFit – CrossFit


Deadlift (6×5)

Deadlift 6×5 (75%+ of 1RM) with 2 high BJ (36/30”) and a 100m sprint after each set

1 set every 2.5 min

Upon completion – rest max of 8 minutes before starting BALLER!!!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


8 min AMRAP

12 WB 20/14

12 KB swings 53/35
At the completion of the AMRAP, rest exactly 5 minutes and complete the reps performed for time. (Example: if you completed 4 rounds + 2reps = 50 WB and then 48 swings for time). Record time as next Metcon.

Metcon (Time)

BALLER, part 2

For time, complete the reps performed in BALLER. Complete all WBs, then all Swings.