Groundhog Day

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Front Rack Lunge /KB Swing 20 min EMOM (EMOM 10/15)

20 min EMOM

Odd: Front Rack Lunges (in place) 10 reps (5 per leg) 135/95#

Even: 15 KB swings American style 70/53#
Lunges are in place, so push through the heel of the front foot to return to standing with the barbell in the front rack. Swings should be heavy (list KB weight in notes).

Metcon (Time)



5 Ring Dips

200m run
If you are using 1 or 2 pads to do HSPU, make sure you lower SLOWLY to reap the benefits of the negative. L-sit DB presses or pike push-ups from box are great substitutes. Stationary dips (between GHDs), box dips, or banded dips as substitutes.


We have moved to 15769 George Ln Poulsbo! We have a new gym location that is bigger and better! We have added 2 new indoor pickleball courts along with our regular workout space! Please call Julie at 206-619-2940 with any questions.

We now have 2 indoor pickleball courts open!