Monday Madness 6/27/16

Agate Pass CrossFit – CrossFit



3 Deadlifts + 2 Hang Cleans (EMOM 12 minutes increasing weight every 3rd set)

2 sets at same weight then add, 2 sets add ect..hang clean can be power or squat athletes choice. But you must stick with it the whole 12 mins. Clean will be biggest limiting factor.


Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

7 minutes AMRAP

100 meter Run

8 Toes to bar

10 DB Snatch 50/35

Rest 2 minutes

8 Minute AMRAP

100 ft bear crawl

1 Rope Climb

5 single arm Overhead Lunge w/DB (right) 50/35

5 Single Arm Overhead lunge w/DB (left)

Try to Use Same Dumbell as used for Snatches.