Posterior Chain-link

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Metcon (Time)

See-Saw Partner Rows 4×500

Row 500m sprint, rest while partner rows 500m. Repeat until both partners have rowed 4 times each.

Record total time.

Metcon (Time)

Posterior Chain-link

21-15-9 for time (with 10min time cap) of:

GHD situps

OH Squats (135/95)

**Rest 3 minutes**

21-15-9 for time (with 8min time cap) of:


Note: If you complete the 21/15/9 of the first portion, yell time, wait exactly 3 minutes, and start the second portion. Record total time. If 10 minutes lapse before you complete the first portion, rest from min 10 through min 13 and start the second portion. Note completed reps if time capped.

OH Squats are supposed to be from the ground and HEAVY.