Squats, Snails, and Sprints Oh my!

Agate Pass CrossFit – CrossFit

Front Squat (5 reps EOMOM (75-80% of 1RM))

Warm up to your weight, then the clock will start as a group. All sets are the same weight preferably.

Immediately after last 5 reps, strip your bar and get to an open area on the floor. Thrusters start at min 12.

Metcon (Time)

50 Thrusters for Time


Full depth squat, full extension.

Metcon (Time)


5 snails per leg (10 total)

5 weighted box step-ups per leg (10 total) DB 35/25#
Snails = single leg lunge (knee touches ab-mat)

Box step-ups will be front facing step-ups with DBs in each hand

Metcon (Time)

Sprints 4×200

(partner sprints, seesaw style)
No…we are not trying to kill you today. Do the work, reap the benefits.


We have moved to 15769 George Ln Poulsbo! We have a new gym location that is bigger and better! We have added 2 new indoor pickleball courts along with our regular workout space! Please call Julie at 206-619-2940 with any questions.

We now have 2 indoor pickleball courts open!